Cruising / Croisieres:

Well, I heard good thinks about these guys. I recently listed Le Chepa there, and well, I let you know how it goes. They have various services, for professional and for pleasure cruisers, some are free, some are not, and it is quick and easy to enlist a boat. (So far, to their honor, they did not resale my email to various painfull online marketers like another service I tried in the past.)

Jimmy Cornell's website, a gold mine for any international trip planning, with up-to-date info on everything one need to know. All cruising destinations are covered (more than 190 countries and 1700 ports) with information on clearance formalities, visa requirements, fees, weather, special events and other facts needed by visiting sailors, piracy reports etc...
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Multihulls :

Cat Sailor
Rick in Key Largo is very much involved in promoting sailing on more than one hull. His site is one of the most documented for this matter, including online shop, seminars, infos, news etc... If catamaran racing is part of your hobbies or dreams, that's a good site to bookmark.

Parts / Equipement

Just Catamarans- Ft Lauderdale - Fl
Kent is the man you want to talk to for all your boat miseries, if he doesn't know - rare... - he will put you in touch with someone who know. 1-954-605-4416. And he ships odd parts anywhere .... And last but not least, it is also a broker specialized in .... well, catamarans!

Pro-Plastics - New Jersey
we all need odd stuffs, odd shapes in lexans, poly-something and so on. These guys are greats, they do a lot of parts for the boating community, including custom ones for a reasonable cost. Both owners are avid boaters, so they understand what you are talking about. Ask for Georges.

ATN - Ft Lauderdale - Fl
TN manufactures cool stuffs making life abord safer, easier. Topclimber will get you up the mast without much fuzz, their spinnaker socks make using the monster a breeze even singlehanded, and their galesail let you fly a storm jib without unrolling your giant geneoa when the wind is clocking like hell.

Forecasts / Meteo

Caribbean Weather Center
A trully missleading name as their forecaster, Chris Parker really cover everything from from Canada to South America, and all the gulf of Mexico. Website is free, as well as listening to their broadcast on SSB in the morning - schedule on their site. With a subscription, one can get personalised weather, via SSB or email or both. Le Chepa is one of their very happy subscriber, and this small money is the best safety spending I could imagine.

National Hurricane Center - Miami
You want to monitore this site from June till end of November. This really is the source for ALL the other services to built their forecasts upon. Plus year long satellittes pictures and long range radar one help to avoid facing the ultimate wave in your otherwise laidback cruise....

Weather Underground
Behind the not so marine name hide the best US portal one could find. Everything is there or linked to from there, plus satellites, radars, history, astronomy...

Sailing / Sites de Voile


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