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Facebook makes it so much more easier, the last news of Le Chepa cruises are now at , while the years 2004-2010 remain here. If you decide to "like" le Chepa Facebook page, then you'll be able to follow its cruises in real time (well, alomost real time....)


Le Chépa was in St Martin, FWI for the year end parties. There are some good friends, places I love and French food, not a bad place to get back to and enjoy a single life...

Boat was hauled out, and made ready to sail toward the BVI by the end of January.

Some pictures of the year end and January,and already some videos.

Since I'm in St Thomas and expect to be around for the next few months. So my cell phone works should you need!.... I'm usually in Red Hook, on the Eastern end of the Island.

March, back to St Martin, then St Barth for the Bucket Ragatta, with large sailing yachts competing around the island. And a video of the race here. (re-edited in July, much better quality).

Then back to the BVI and USVI, before sailling South ahead of Hurricane season. A stop in St Martin in June, then Guadeloupe and Dominica on my way to Martinique.

End of July le Chepa is in Martinique, usually South enough to have a low storm risk, and with 2 excellent hurricane holes, and within a couple of days to Grenada, just in case..

Early August, for 8 days, Martinique lives at the rythm of the "Tour des Yoles", when local teams in wood canots race around the island.



A fantastic ten months cruise with Nathalie, a journey ended mid-November, as she decided to go back to Paris, cold weather and working hours, go figure…

We set sail in January, going from Freeport to Georgetown, Bahamas. We then had a great stay in Conception Island on our way to the Turks & Caicos.

We then spent some time in Dominican Republic in April, and then sailed to Puerto Rico and Culebra.

A short cruise in the Virgin Islands and early June we reached St Martin and the Leeward Islands.

In August, as hurricane season reached its peak, we were in Martinique. And finally to St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Windward Islands.

(We shoot near to 30,000 pictures during these 10 months, and Nathalie was usually behind the camera. The site showcases about 150 of them, and if Nathalie is not on it, she likely was behind the lens.)

You can open a new window with a chart showing where is what.

And two short movies : a salty video and a fresh water one.


Waiting for some rainy days giving me a chance to update my sleepy website, juste a few quick additions.

Then I was finally abble to East a bit and spent March in Culebra, and watched the windless Heineken Ragatta leg, then the huge North swell that hit the Northern Caribbean that year.


I need to dig into my archives and bring up some more, but here is the first visit of my brother and his familly aboard Le Chepa.


July 2006 : Bahamas, Bimini and the Berries with the kids.

May 2006 : Back to the Bahamas, then Florida early June. Le Chepa is in dear need of plenty of upgrades and repairs, nothing really major but a long list anyway.

April 2006 : Puerto Rico, a quick visit, since I want to be back to Luperon for Easter.

March 2006 : Martinique, then Les Saintes, too short of a stay in "Europe", well, the French Indies.

February 2006 : Puerto Rico, West coast first then the South one, a short stop in Vieques, which desserve much more ! A few words about this trip.

January 2006 :After 4 weeks in Provo, including Christmas and New Year's Eve, it is now time to sail to Luperon, DR. First day motoring across the bank to Six Hills Cays, second taking to Big Sand Cay, departure mid morning and arrival on one tack in front of Luperon around 3 am. Big nice full moon let me do what one should not attempt : entering during the night. And here I'm in beautiful Dominican Republic.


After some time spent in small repairs in Georgetown, Exumas, , the weather window got wide open, and let me reach Provo, Turks and Caicos, on a long broad reach, under spinaker most of 3 nights and 2 days. Catamaran cruising at its best....

Early November, I picked up my parent, aunt Nicole and uncle Michel in Nassau, and took them down the Exumas to Georgestown that we reached around Thanksgiving. More here about their trip.

Following Katrina end of August, I got hit by Rita - Ft Lauderdale - then Tammy in St Augustine, and finally Wilma is Ft Lauderdale, end of October. This last one almost claimed Le Chepa, crushing it between a dock and a megayatch which got loose. A rather tense morning... Some pictures of that few weeks.

July 2005 : After some time in the Keys, end of June 2005 I picked up 4 teens - now, that would make you love singlehandling! just kidding ...So here we go, the Bahamas with the kids!

May 2005, Nicci decided to be land-based again, so now I've been since discovering the joys of signle-handling my catamaran untill such time boat and captain find the right mate - at press time, I'm still interviewing, it is still time to apply

Bahamas - 1st Quarter of 2005 !


Bahamas - December 2004

Going South - Fall 2004

New Orleans - but without the catamaran!

NJ to Maine - Summer 2004

From Ft Lauderdale to Norfolk in June 2004.

Second trip in the Keys, in March / April 2004 .

First trip to the Keys, Tampa and the Dry Tortugas - February 2004.